10 Video Game Origins You Never Knew

Kratos has Edward Norton to thank.


The man-hours that go into creating even a totally mediocre video game cannot be understated, but making something that truly speaks to players and captures their hearts and minds? That's a miracle of both ingenuity and intense, all-consuming perseverance.

Yet as wonderfully unique and artful as the greatest video games undeniably are, many of them have also been inspired by both other media and the world around us - often in the most unexpected and eyebrow-raising of ways.

Whether cribbing their iconic title from a Hollywood one-liner, mining personal tragedy for their art, or using their own technical limitations to their sneaky advantage, these 10 games all came to be because of some hugely peculiar and surprising origin stories.

It just goes to show that no great art is ever the result of a perfectly laid plan executed flawlessly: over and over again, inspiration tends to emerge from unpredictable places, often as a result of artists pivoting to meet incredible challenges.

If you thought these 10 games all came together in the most effortless and ordinary of ways, you need to think again...

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