10 Video Game Plot Points Everybody Gets Wrong

How did Big Boss come back to life?


In the early days of gaming, story was virtually non-existent. When there was a plot, it often boiled down to, "Save the princess" or "Stop the aliens."

Although narratives play a much bigger role in modern gaming, it's still reasonably easy to follow. Sure, there might be a few confusing details, but there's usually a menu which chronicles the sprawling saga, including a synopsis of each character, item, and area.

Nevertheless, there are some video game stories that everybody gets wrong. Titles like BioShock Infinite, Kingdom Hearts, and Dark Souls are infamous for being incomprehensible.

But sometimes, gamers are bewildered, not by the overarching narrative, but by a specific story arc. Final Fantasy VII's ending left everyone scratching their heads. Plenty of Devil May Cry players are mystified by Dante's connection with Nero. Metroid fans couldn't tell you where the main villain came from if their life depended on it.

Other times, pivotal parts of the story are misinterpreted, since the ins-and-outs aren't spelt out. In situations like this, the player might misunderstand the plot, without realising it.

If you were uncertain about the ending of a game or a twist that didn't make sense, there's no need to fret. On this list, all your questions will be answered.

10. Nero's Real Identity - Devil May Cry 4


For Devil May Cry 4, Capcom switched things up by introducing a new demon hunter called Nero. Although the player takes control of the original protagonist, Dante, in seven missions, Nero is the top dog this time around.

Because Nero and Dante look alike, rumours quickly circulated that both characters were related in some way. Were they brothers? Was Dante a daddy? Or was Nero's uncanny resemblance to the wise-cracking, devil hunter a mere coincidence? Even though the speculation was boundless, Devil May Cry 4 never offered a straight answer.

Fortunately, the whole situation was cleared seven years later when the remaster was released.

Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition opens two decades earlier, with Vergil visiting the town of Fortuna. While building intel on The Order of the Sword, Dante's brooding sibling impregnated an unnamed woman. Upon leaving the town, Nero's Devil Trigger form appears in Vergil's shadow, indicating the two are father and son.

If you need further validation, the pair's connection was irrefutably confirmed in the book, Devil May Cry: 3142 Graphical Arts, which was released two years before DMC4's remaster.


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