10 Video Game Post-Credits Scenes You Need To See

NEVER skip the credits.

Spider Man Ps4

You'd be forgiven for thinking post-credit scenes are reserved for films - especially after the prevalence of them across the MCU - but stick around after some of your favourite titles' wrap and you might find a nice little surprise. In fact, you'll be amazed how many key games feature post-credit content expanding what you just saw.

Post-credit scenes have actually been used in games for decades, and are sometimes locked off until the player has completed certain parameters. For example, completing in a certain time, or by making certain choices. Acting as an incentive for players to appreciate the developers who have worked on said game, there is usually a short scene that serves are a reward.

While many are short scenes that serve as small rewards for hard-working players, more significant post-credit scenes can either be an extension of the story or even setup for a sequel.

There are even a few post-credit scenes that actually make you look at the game in an entirely different way, saving crucial plot developments until the very last moment.

10. DOOM Eternal

Kicking off with a light hearted entry, you probably wouldn't expect Doom: Eternal to even have a post-credit scene due to the fact the game seems more focused on delivering a high-trill gore fest over providing a detailed story. Which is good, as people play Doom so that they can cut through hoards of hell spawn.

But anyone who does stick around past the credits of the game will be treated to a short scene showing a demon messing around with some DOOM figures, making Doomguy and a Tyrant fight by clacking them together.

It's actually sort of wholesome, until the camera reveals Doomguy standing behind the demon as he cocks his shotgun.

It's a funny little reward for patient players. Already fans have begun to grow attached to this poor little guy, suggesting that perhaps the demon could be kept around as a janitor for the Doomguy. With the Doot Revenant soldier ending up as a skin in Doom: Eternal, you never know, this poor little demon may not of been slain like the rest.


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