10 Video Game Pranks You Wish Were True

PlayStation Flow would've sold like hotcakes.

Playstation Flow

Video games and humour usually go hand in hand, but not always. Duke Nukem Forever is notorious for its childish humour that didn't quite resonate with modern audiences.

But while jokes can often add, or detract, from a title, pranks are an entirely different ball game. Developers sometimes post April Fool's gags to deceive unwitting fans into thinking something was real, when it actually wasn't.

Other instances might see someone poke holes at the ludicrous nature of the industry while different scenarios can simply be a tease at what is to come. Some people just like to fool their friends with comical videos or photos that almost look real.

Occasionally, pranks are a way for developers to further engage with their fan base.

When the snapshot feature was added to Pokémon Go, players soon realised that Smeargle would photo bomb their pictures, but every so often - and during limited-time events - Ash and Pikachu appear instead.

Little additions such as this can add a lot of value when playing a game, but sometimes, developers take it too far and tease things that fans desperately want, only to take it away from them almost immediately.

10. The Garrus Pillow

Playstation Flow

Mass Effect 2 is one of gaming's most beloved treasures and one of Bioware's crowning achievements. Players spent countless hours bonding with their crew mates on the Normandy ship, forming relationships that stand the test of time.

As such, it makes sense the developer would want to create merchandise to celebrate one of the title's best characters Garrus Vakarian, a Turian Agent formerly part of C-Sec's investigation division. Those that opted to flirt and form a romantic relationship with the character have long wanted to cuddle with him in real life, but those wishes were neglected for years.

The Garrus pillow soon became a popular April Fool's joke that did the rounds every year and each time, fans were left with a bitter taste in their mouth. That is, until through popular demand it finally came true and Bioware announced it would be releasing not just a pillow, but a full body one with the image of Garrus illustrated all over it.

Though, given how difficult it is to find one online, it does remain to be seen if it ever actually made it to market.

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