10 Video Game Puzzles You Couldn't Solve (Even With A Guide)

When the solution isn't the answer.

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It's crazy to believe there was a time where gamers couldn't summon an online walkthrough anytime they got stuck in a game. If you didn't know how to solve a puzzle back then, you had to get your hands on a physical guide, or accept the fact you would never complete the game.

Thanks to the internet, this issue seems to be a thing of the past. If you keep dying on the same boss, get lost, or can't answer a riddle, there's no need to tear your hair out just yet. After a watching a few walkthrough videos and scouring GameFaqs, there's no conundrum you shouldn't be able to crack.

At least, in theory. Every once in a while, you will stumble upon a section in a video game that's so complex or incomprehensible, not even the most detailed strategy guides can assist you.

Whether you draw out the level, memorise patterns, research maps, and watch step-by-step instructions on loop, the solution to these brainteasers eludes you.

If you find yourself dumbfounded by these devilish headscratchers, you should pray for a miracle because a guide isn't going to help you.

10. The Oculory - Skyrim

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While playing the Skyrim DLC, Dragonborn, things probably grinded to a halt during the Revealing the Unseen quest. Near the end of this mission, you'll be led towards an observatory tower, which contains an Oculory sphere.

To obtain the Staff of Magnus, you need to to press three buttons to rotate the overhead mirrors at specific points. Because the focusing crystal is powered by heat, you need to keep blasting it with Flames and Frostbites spells until the light reflects off each mirror.

If that sounds complicated, it is! Unsurprisingly, many gamers will find this section so confounding, they won't attempt to solve it and instead, look up a walkthrough straight away.

Sadly, this will not aid you. If you follow an instruction video to the letter, you'll notice the light doesn't reflect the same way that's shown in the walkthrough.

So, why is this? Well, if you're watching a video guide of someone hitting the crystal with spells at Lv. 70, you can't do the same thing if your spells are at Lv 20.

Unless you can find a tutorial video where the player's spells are exactly the same level as you, you'll have to solve the puzzle yourself.

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