10 Video Game Quests That Made You Question Your Humanity

All the times developers made you feel like the monster.

Witcher 3 possession
CD Projekt RED

For the longest time, video games were either arcade titles with no plotline or incredibly linear experiences that involved getting a character from point 'A' to point 'B' in as straight a line as possible.

Thankfully, as technology has continued to innovate the possibilities of what a game can be, the industry has branched out with more and more titles having choices in them that can have different profound impacts on a playthrough.

These decisions often test a player's morals and beliefs, be it through luring them in with what looks to be an easy choice (that turns out to be so much more) or, alternatively, a dilemma that is purposefully designed to be impossible to choose between.

In some cases, these decisions can literally be the worst of both worlds, with the stakes in play ensuring that some degree of misfortune or suffering is about to ensue based on what a player opts for.

It's that very path that is being put under the spotlight here, with these video game quests that undoubtedly tested players' empathy, morals and values.


Spoilers follow for the games mentioned.

10. Spin The Bottle - Until Dawn

Witcher 3 possession

Until Dawn is a game that comes jam-packed full of morally-grey decisions designed to test a player's humanity. The fact every chapter comes with full-blown psychiatric evaluations based on the choices a player has made should speak volumes.

But, out of all the actions players undertake during their weekend at Blackwood Mountain, arguably none left an impact quite like the Spin The Bottle-styled game Chris and Ashley are forced to play.

Having already been forced to choose between sticking a saw blade into Josh or Ashley, players will lead Chris and the latter of these two into a room where they are ambushed and strapped into two chairs. When they wake, Chris is told by The Psycho that he either has to shoot Ashley or himself.

What makes this such a gut-wrencher is how the chemistry between these two had just begun to blossom, and how the pair finally give in to their feelings as they're faced with what they believe to be their final moments.

Ultimately, the game is shown to be a hoax organised by Josh, but the lasting effects of such a high-stakes prank linger with the characters for the remainder of the story and, for players, much longer than that.


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