10 Video Game Remakes NO ONE Expected

Gex is returning in 2024. This is not a drill.

gex trilogy

As revolutionary as GoldenEye 007, Shenmue, and Star Fox were in their day, their flaws are unmistakably clear when re-evaluated without rose-tinted glasses. Because of the blocky graphics and janky animations, these classics can't help showing their age.

Now, this isn't the games' fault, since they were limited by the technology of its era. (You'd never believe Final Fantasy VII was ahead of its time looking at it now.) But because the nostalgia for these gems still rings true, fans are always excited to see their favourites get a fresh makeover.

Of course, this is easier said than done.

If the game's company went bust or the creators had a falling out, getting the ball rolling on a reboot is nearly impossible. If a remake goes into hiatus, repeatedly switches developers, or fails to raise money, it's hard not to lose hope. Other times, fans don't expect a specific game to get refurbished, since there wasn't any buzz or rumours until it launched.

The remakes on this list left a major impact, not just for recreating the original so well, but also because the gaming community didn't think they would ever come to fruition.

10. Clock Tower

gex trilogy

Resident Evil usually gets the credit for kickstarting survival horror, but it was Clock Tower which pioneered the genre. In this point-and-click adventure, Jennifer has to navigate around a creepy mansion and solve puzzles, while avoiding the terrifying Scissorman.

The premise was simple, but it was enough to launch a new style of gaming, kickstart a franchise, and spawn several spiritual successors, including Haunting Ground and NightCry. (They were both rubbish, but it still counts for something.)

With that said, Clock Tower has one serious problem: It's not very good.

Sure, it gets top marks for a nerve-wracking atmosphere, but gameplay is tedious and slow.

Since its sequels are dramatically worse, it's apparent why the series never took off. Despite manifesting a cult-following, the original Clock Tower has never been officially released outside Japan.

Which is why it's shocking to see Clock Tower return. Using the emulator tool, Carbon Engine, Sunsoft, WayForward, Limited Run and Capcom will bring the Clock Tower remaster to all main consoles in 2024. With so many major companies working on the project, this revision should iron out all the issues the original had, while maintaining Clock Tower's chilling spirit.

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