10 Video Game Reveals You Can Spot Early (If You Really Look)

If you were paying really close attention, you might've caught these twists early.

God of War Kratos Atreus

Whether a movie, TV show, or video game, a great plot twist or surprise reveal can really help tie a story together, leaving audiences with a final shocking gut-punch to meditate on.

And given the interactive nature of video games, they're more easily able to provide tantalising-yet-subtle hints towards impending reveals, hiding them in plain sight such that only the most attentive of players will ever actually notice them.

And so we have these 10 video games, all of which feature twists and turns that few who played them will ever forget. Yet as surprising as they all were, those who kept their eyes peeled earlier in the game were able to figure things out much sooner.

From games that heavily implied their eventual big reveal within the first few moments of play, to those that left the truth dangling in front of the player's face the entire time, each of these games allowed players to piece things together long before the penny dropped in earnest.

Don't feel bad if you missed these subtle hints, though, because for the most part you needed to be paying a frankly indecent amount of attention...

10. Venom Snake's True Identity - Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

God of War Kratos Atreus

Metal Gear Solid V's hugely controversial final twist reveals that players actually spent the whole game playing not as Big Boss but a medic who was transformed into a Big Boss doppelganger through plastic surgery and hypnosis. Right.

But players who look extremely closely in glass reflections - particularly in the window of the chopper which transports Snake to his next sortie - will actually be able to see the faint visage of the medic's real face they custom-created at the start of the game.

The reflection is dim enough that it's easy to play through the entire game and never once notice it, but if you squint a little you can spoil the game's biggest rug-pull 20 or 30 hours before it actually drops for real.

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