10 Video Game Rewards That Were Profoundly Insulting

Always great to insult the people playing your game.

Gex ending
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Ever since the first video game easter egg in the Atari 2600 classic, Adventure, reward systems and video games have been intertwined. We all love that little dopamine hit when we accomplish something in a game and are rewarded with a secret character or a special weapon. Even the increasingly tired likes of character and weapon skins can be worth it, when done well.

Basically, the only thing gamers love more than games is stuff. Stuff in the games that make us look or feel cool; stuff that we can show off to friends and other players.

The spectrum here is all over the place and, occasionally, unlocking more content in a game you love can be a reward in and of itself. For example, take the classic New Game Plus - a version of the game that lets you carry over progress to a new save, sometimes to make it easier, and sometimes for an even more challenging run.

But, seemingly just as often, in-game rewards can be a letdown. Some, however, are so bad that we'd swear the game developers are mocking us. And since that's literally the case for one of the entires in this list, let's not waste any more time.

These rewards weren't just bad, they were insulting.

10. Philmobile 2000 - Ni No Kuni

Gex ending

Ni No Kuni is developer Level-5's collaboration with the beloved Studio Ghibli about a boy whisked into a magical parallel world. It's an old-school JRPG, and one of the best of a genre that rarely gets major releases like this anymore. It is expansive, very long, and there's a lot to do even after completing the main story.

Unfortunately, the stupid Philmobile 2000 makes those post-game challenges hardly seem worthwhile.

You'll first need to find a secret area occupied by the oddly terrifying bunny man known as The Conductor. He will send you on a series of bounty hunts - super powered versions of the game's various bosses. After completing 19 of these, you'll unlock the door to fight the game's secret boss, The Guardian Of Worlds.

As if beating the Guardian weren't enough, you then need to chase The Conductor down and pester him until he finally gives you your reward: A nifty little car.

However, since you've done every single thing in this 50+ hour RPG by this point, you don't really have anywhere to go. Maybe if the game had a New Game Plus that let you carry the vehicle over it'd be worth it - but it doesn't.


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