10 Video Game Rewards Unlocked By Dying

Guess I'll die.

devil may cry 3

If there’s one rule gamers are conditioned to believe, it’s that they should never let their characters die. Not only do in-game deaths run the risk of severely bruising players’ egos and frustrating them to no end, but they may also result in a lot of lost progress and earnings.

In the most extreme cases, passing away forces you to begin again at the very start of the game (thereby totally negating the hours you’ve just poured into it).

However, there are times when the exact opposite is true. In fact, there are certain developers who outright incentivize you to make fatal mistakes. Maybe that last defeat yielded a new achievement? Maybe sacrificing yourself too many times unlocks a new gameplay element?

Or, maybe biting the bullet is the lone method for finding that secret character or item?

Whatever the case may be, the following ten titles demonstrate that dying might not be the worst scenario. On the contrary, resting in peace during these adventures is the sole means of reaping some grim yet gratifying rewards.

10. Continuously Cheaper Armour (Undertale)

devil may cry 3
Toby Fox

Undertale is irresistibly charming and unique – for numerous reasons – while also being firmly rooting in the history of classic RPGs (namely, the Mother series). Indeed, its addictive gameplay, brilliant meta humor, and standout personalities arguably turned it into 2015’s superlative indie title.

Obviously, none of that implies that Undertale is a cakewalk. To be blunt, it can get extremely demanding and exasperating at certain points, so players are definitely going to draw their final breath a lot along the way.

Luckily, creator Toby Fox decided to assist main character Frisk when necessary via the significantly powerful Temmie Armour (which gets cheaper and cheaper with every subsequent death).

Originally, a non-Genocide Route Frisk can purchase the armor from the Tem Shop for 9999G (that is, after they pay the 1000G “tem pay 4 colleg” fee for the shopkeeper’s university scholarship). But, it drops in price to 1000G if Frisk gives up the ghost.

This trick can be exploited roughly two dozen times, until the final price is a mere 750G. Not too shabby.


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