10 Video Game Rewards You Unlock For Doing Completely Mundane Things

Take a shower, get grenades!

Marvel's Midnight Suns

Anyone who's played an open-world game way past its recommended playtime knows how fun mundane side activities can be. After spending hundreds of hours adventuring or going on rampages, things like obeying traffic laws or watching a random NPC's morning routine begin to strike you as oddly appealing.

Surprisingly enough, in some games, these types of everyday, boring activities are actually baked into the mechanics. If you choose to participate in them, you might be rewarded for it, usually with small things like extra cash or bonus experience points. However, in some cases, the reward for doing your chores is actually quite substantial!

For reasons known only to the developers, working a 9 to 5 job or even something as simple as taking a shower might reward you with powerful weapons, unique abilities, and hidden mechanics that can be unlocked only by doing the mundane. After seeing some of these rewards, you'll never look at your daily chores the same way.

10. Take A Shower, Get Grenades - Death Stranding

Marvel's Midnight Suns
Kojima Productions

Being a Kojima game, Death Stranding obviously has plenty of silly and over-the-top moments. Now, spending time in your bathroom doesn’t really seem like something that belongs in the latter category, but once you realize there is a certain mechanic attached to it, it’ll quickly become part of one of the most exciting moments you can experience in the game.

The mechanic in question is a special processing system installed in main character Sam’s quarters. The system turns all of the waste produced by him taking a shower or using the toilet into grenades. Yes, your pee, poop, and filth can be repurposed into explosives.

Given how rare weapons are in Death Stranding, you’ll quickly learn to appreciate your alone time in the bathroom. You’ll especially appreciate it when Sam needs to go number 2, as his bathroom break will result in producing the highest tier of grenades, the appropriately named EX Grenades 2. These grenades allow you to clump enemies together, which, combined with EX Grenades 1+ that make enemies disappear, makes for a rather effective combo. Just don’t mind the smell.


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