10 Video Game Rip-Offs That STILL Messed Up What They Copied

9. N.O.V.A - Halo

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One of the primary problems for developers when taking a little too much inspiration from one of the most beloved gaming franchises of all time is that you really have to hit it out of the proverbial park to ensure that people don't just see your game as an inferior rip off.

Though N.O.V.A was actually a pretty decent game when considering the hardware of the platforms it was released on, the fact that the game was a spitting image of the Halo series meant that comparisons to the critically acclaimed Bungie giant were never going to be favourable.

Best exemplified by the Halo we have at home meme, N.O.V.A was a pretty shameless ripoff of its source material. In fact, you'd even be forgiven for thinking that the original Bungie titles had been ported to mobile devices at first glance.

Again, N.O.V.A isn't actually that bad of a game, but unless you want to be judged by the standards of one of the greatest franchises in the medium, it's probably best not to make your imitation quite so on the nose.


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