10 Video Game Sections You Didn't Know You Could Skip

You can skip Metal Gear Solid 3's hardest boss: The Ladder.

Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater

One of the most satisfying things about video games is getting to see extremely skilled and dedicated players absolutely dismantle them from the inside out.

Because developers can't possibly catch every single glitch or patch up every last exploit before a game is released, once it's out in the wild it's just a matter of time before committed fans discover a multitude of ways to breeze through it as fast as possible.

Speedrunning a game is one thing, but maybe you sometimes just want to skip one particularly troublesome or boring section of a game you've played numerous times before.

While the average player likely isn't aware of the various tricks they can employ to circumvent levels or even entire chunks of a game, just about any modern video game will have a ton of YouTube videos demonstrating how it's possible to cut a sequence down to a mere triviality.

Though for the most part players are advised to avoid these skips on a first playthrough, they certainly do come in handy for repeat runs, or simple serve as fun curiosities for those keen to learn how their favourite games work...

10. Liberty Island - Deus Ex

Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater

Deus Ex opens with a memorable mission set on Liberty Island, and while you probably shouldn't skip it on your first playthrough, you can employ a sneaky trick to breeze through the vast majority of the hour-long mission on subsequent runs.

This skip is achieved by retrieving a gas grenade near the pier's exit, and then heading over to UNATCO HQ.

Throw the grenade at the HQ's front door, and doing so should cause some of the gas to leak into the building, in turn alerting the AI inside and causing a guard to open the door in a panic.

You're then able to run inside past the guard, triggering the end of the Liberty Island level without really doing much of anything.

Hilariously, Eidos clearly realised the potential for players to do this, and so the guard inside will say, "I heard you just slipped by a lot of the terrorists. Pretty smart."


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