10 Video Game Sequels That Broke Canon

9. Templars And Lyrium - Dragon Age

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There are numerous inconsistencies between all Dragon Age games. Some characters can die in one game due to the player's choices, but then be reuntroduced in another. In those cases, the writers try to come up with an explanation as to how they managed to survive, but this fix becomes much harder when it comes to explaining inconsistencies in lore.

In Dragon Age: Origins, if the player speaks to Alistair about his templar training, he will mention that the templars use "lyrium" in order to enhance their abilities. When asked if lyrium is necessary in order to learn templar abilities, he will decline and say it merely makes the abilities more potent.

Dragon Age: Inquisition says something completely different.

The game makes a point to showcase that templars cannot use their abilities without access to lyrium. This change was likely made to give the red lyrium crisis in the game a bigger impact on the templar factions.

While it may seem like a minor retcon, this change of lore is actually detrimental for your characters in Origins and Dragon Age II. According to the new lore, since they didn't have access to lyrium, they shouldn't have been able to learn these abilities.

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