10 Video Game Sequels That Resolved NOTHING

Shenmue III... you ended on ANOTHER cliffhanger?!

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What do fans expect from a video game sequel? To creatively evolve the gameplay systems that were so great last time, to raise the scale and stakes, and of course, to continue the story in a majorly satisfying way. Is it that much to ask?

While most video game sequels at least manage to pick up the previous story and run with it, every so often they'll inexplicably drop established threads, abandon cliffhanger endings, or simply fail to deliver the implied closure.

These 10 sequels, whether otherwise great games or just total disappointments, all failed to resolve the leftover story from the previous game as players quite reasonably expected them to.

Whether it was a jaw-dropping villain tease, the hero's ambiguous fate, or the epic showdown fans hoped to see, these expected elements were all thrown out of the window in favour of something else.

Often, it simply ensured players had to wait for yet another sequel to maybe, just maybe get their desired resolution...

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