10 Video Game Shopkeepers Who Sold You Utter Trash

The Amazing Aqua Cura? Not quite.

Fallout 3 Griffon

Shopkeepers are one of the unsung cornerstones of video games - we largely take them for granted, yet without them we wouldn't be able to replenish our stocks and keep making progress.

Though there are certainly iconic, unforgettable sales-folk in gaming - namely Resident Evil 4's incredible merchant - truly trustworthy vendors who will give you a great deal are few-and-far-between.

The annals of video games are instead littered with shopkeepers keen to charge you an arm and a leg for meagre wares, over-inflate their prices, rip you off, and even flat-out lie to your face.

These 10 video game vendors represent those who most brazenly sold you trash without even an ounce of shame, from dime store parlour tricks to overpriced weapons, tainted items, fake pieces of art, and even near-literal snake oil.

Whether you took it personally or not, these shopkeepers all dared to treat you more like a mark than a customer - they saw you coming and tried to milk you for every last drop of cash they could.

In some cases you were able to exact revenge, but in others, you were left to treat it as a learning experience...

10. Medigoron - The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

Fallout 3 Griffon

Medigoron was first introduced to Zelda fans in the seminal Ocarina Of Time - a large rock creature who also moonlights as a shopkeeper in his self-named blade store.

Players are able to purchase one notable item from Medigoron - the Giant's Knife, an apparently supreme blade which he spent around six years forging.

It comes at a mighty cost of 200 Rupees, which only stings that much more when you actually start using the thing and come to realise that despite being twice as powerful as the Master Sword, it's also extremely fragile.

The Giant's Knife can end up breaking after just a few well-placed hits against a sufficiently hard object, meaning it's more-or-less a massive waste of money.

You're better off just waiting until you can obtain Biggoron's Sword from Medigoron's brother Biggoron, which is basically just the same thing but infinitely more durable and, better still, absolutely free.

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