10 Video Game Side Missions That Made You Feel Guilty


red dead redemption sasquatch bigfoot

When people think of side missions in video games, they usually view them as unimportant distractions from the main storyline. They are intended to provide some variety for players who want to take a break from main line quests, and to reward those who go the extra mile.

This take on side content can have grave consequences, however, when something unexpectedly hits you with a depth of character or a plot twist that not even the main story can pull off. Despite being optional, these kinds of quests can take the player for a spin and make you feel really guilty for treating them so lightly.

Forcing you to kill an innocent man, enslave someone or drive an endangered species to extinction, it's all for the mere promise of a cool new weapon or a little bit of XP.

You'll feel bad for hours after, and it might even become hard to come back to the main part of the story after learning what kind of monster your character really is.

If you want a clean conscience, avoid these missions at all costs.

10. Viola's Daughter - Bloodborne

red dead redemption sasquatch bigfoot
From Software

The world of Bloodborne isn't necessarily the happiest place to begin with.

The average Yharnam citizen has to deal with plagues, werewolves and eldritch gods on a regular basis, but as it turns out, the most deplorable monster in the game is actually you.

In Yharnam, the hunter can stumble upon a sad girl hiding inside her own house. The girl will tell the player that her parents have gone missing and that she wants to find out what happened to them. After defeating Father Gascoigne - the werewolf hunter residing in the Yharman graveyard - the player can loot the body of Viola, the girl's mother, and obtain a red ribbon.

When you return the ribbon to the girl, she becomes really distraught and loses faith in the safety of her house. The hunter can then direct her to Yosefka's Clinic for shelter.

Some time later, the hunter will come across a giant pig, which will drop the girl's red ribbon once killed.

It turns out, not only did you cause the girl to have a mental breakdown, you also got her eaten by a giant monster-pig. Oh, and as if that wasn't enough, her father was Father Gascoigne, the once-human-turned-demon you fight nearby.


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