10 Video Game Side Missions That Made You Feel Guilty

7. Help Granny Rags Kill Slackjaw - Dishonored

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In the world of Dishonored, good and innocent people are rare, and Slackjaw, the boss of the Bottle Street Gang, is certainly not one of them.

Early on in the game, Corvo can come across an old witch by the name of Granny Rags. She asks Corvo to get rid of the Bottle Street gangsters, who have been harassing her for quite a while. After taking out the criminals, Granny will ask you for one more tiny favor: Poisoning the supply of the gangsters' bootleg cure for the plague.

This starts a long feud between Granny Rags and Slackjaw, which, if you see it through, will end with Slackjaw getting kidnapped by Granny Rags, who then tries to eat him and use his bones in a ritual.

You could say Slackjaw deserves this, but according to the game's tie-in novels, his character undergoes severe changes after the events of the game. He starts a legitimate business and becomes Corvo's ally, so turning him into stew instead is all the more cruel.


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