10 Video Game Side Quests You Should NEVER Finish

There's nothing like working hard for your own suffering.

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Being a completionist isn’t always a good thing. Though games usually reward you for doing everything, sometimes they do the exact opposite.

Every now and then, a seemingly innocent side quest can take away your favorite companion, destroy your best items, or find some other way to make you instantly regret completing it. The only way to avoid its consequences is to stop halfway through or accept that you’re not going to get the perfect score and fail it on purpose.

The truth might hurt a perfectionist's heart, but some quests are simply not worth finishing. They’re just traps left there for the player to fall into. In case you ever thought of starting any of these side quests, let’s take a look at them and find out why it might not be the best idea.

Perhaps this list will save you from doing something you'd otherwise regret.

10. Rotface's Loose Lips - Fallout: New Vegas

mass effect 3 javik

Fallout: New Vegas is famous for its multitude of quests with difficult moral choices. However, sometimes the consequences of your choices can sneak up on you when you least expect them. Take the short side quest with Rotface, for example.

Rotface is a homeless ghoul living in Freeside. When the player meets him for the first time, he offers to give them information about what's going on in New Vegas in exchange for some caps.

You might think that paying a homeless informant is both useful and the right thing to do. After all, you help him feed himself, and he helps you stay updated on the latest gossip. However, after paying Rotface a few times, you notice that he doesn't spend his money on basic supplies but on utterly different things altogether.

The first time around, the man buys himself a nice hat, then some new clothes, and eventually a gun. A gun, which he immediately uses to attempt to kill his Moneybags employer and take all of their money, once and for all.

So yes. Being a good person is only going to put blood on your hands and take hundreds of caps out of your pockets.

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