10 Video Game Sidekicks Who Kicked Your Ass

Don't mess with Bruz.

shadow of war bruz

Generally speaking, a sidekick is supposed to help you kick other people’s asses while still letting you take most of the credit, right?

Above all else, they’re not meant to flip things around and start fighting you, but alas, it happens sometimes.

For a variety of reasons, video game sidekicks might be none-too-thrilled with their station as your appointed lackey and desire a little more for themselves.

And to do so, they’ll knock you the eff out, administer you with a lethal poison, shoot you in the head, and do every cruel thing in-between.

Whatever their true motivation, these sidekicks dealt an unexpected beatdown on you, often when you least expected it, ensuring you were left positively shook.

In a few cases the turncoat NPC came back around and reconciled with the hero eventually - perhaps in a sequel - but more often than not, they were quite happy going on their cheekily duplicitous way.

And so, here’s to those unhappy sidekicks and second-string characters who just needed more out of life, and it all began with knocking you on your ass…


Notable new game SPOILERS for Star Wars: Jedi Survivor and Little Nightmares II.

10. Bode Akuna - Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

shadow of war bruz

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor introduces players to a new support character by way of Cal Kestis' mercenary pal Bode Akuna.

After spending many, many hours with him throughout the story, it's eventually revealed that Bode isn't quite who he seems, when he suddenly murders Jedi Master Eno Cordova totally out of nowhere.

Cal then gives chase, at which point Bode Force-pushes him backwards, revealing that not only is he an Imperial spy, he's also a wayward Jedi.

Following a brief fight, Bode positively bodies Cal by Force-pushing him off a cliff edge and shooting him on the way down for good measure, leaving Cal to hit the ground like a sack of Force-sensitive potatoes.

It's later revealed that Bode has somewhat sympathetic motives - he cut a deal to work with the Imperial Security Bureau to protect his daughter from Darth Vader after Inquisitors killed his wife - but all the same, this ass-kicking hurt in more way than one.

And even when you do defeat and kill Bode at the end of the game, there's nothing even remotely satisfying about it. It's just sad.

I guess it all didn't... Bode well. Sorry.


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