10 Video Game Skins You Won't Believe You Can Unlock

Some are just blatant panda'ing.

Onimusha Panda

Today I'm here to talk to you about the wonders that are unlockable skins. What's that? In this day and age you don't know what an unlockable is? Well, believe it or not kids, there was once a time in the long long ago when you used to have secrets and extra features hidden on a game’s disc that you could access through skill or persevering through challenges. I know: it seems mad to actually NOT have to pay for something like this, right?

We're going to take that disbelief I see written all over your faces and push it even further, by talking about unlockable costumes that are honestly bizarre. From crabby canines to voluptuous velociraptors, we're going to err into the world of the strange, and look at some skins that really make you question what the developers were huffing.

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