10 Video Game Solutions You'd NEVER Get Without A Guide

How the player was expected to figure these puzzles out is anyone's guess.

Castlevania 2

One of the most satisfying feelings for any gamer is when you solve a puzzle all by yourself. Completing a dungeon in The Legend of Zelda without a shred of help can bring more joy than defeating the final boss. Puzzles can't be too easy or it wouldn't be satisfying to work them out.

Sometimes though, you're confronted with a conundrum that, try as you might, you just can't figure it out.

Maybe the puzzle introduces a mechanic that has never been mentioned before. Perhaps it intentionally misleads you on how to crack it. Sometimes, you can't figure it out because the solution goes meta and lies outside the game.

But there are sections in certain titles that aren't just difficult, but they are borderline impossible. We're talking about teasers so preposterously asinine, next to no one could deduce the solution without relying on a walkthrough or getting VERY lucky through guesswork.

The answer to defeating a boss, finding a secret area or completing a level can be so utterly devoid of logic, it genuinely feels like it was inserted into the game to troll the players.

No one in their right mind could figure these out without using a guide.

10. The Inception Bonus Level - Donkey Kong Country

Castlevania 2

Completionists of the 1990s searched everywhere in Donkey Kong Country to discover all 43 bonus areas. By the end, nearly everyone got stuck on the same level; Oil Drum Alley. The first two bonus areas in this level are relatively easy to find but the third one eluded even the most hardcore players. So where the heck is it?

The reason why it's so difficult to ascertain is because it's the only bonus level in the game that's inside ANOTHER bonus level. After you use the first TNT barrel to blow up a nearby wall, you'll be transported to a secret area where you need to match up the images on the barrels to win a prize.

Although you can win Animal Tokens, Banana Bunches, and Extra Lives, you need to match the barrels so they display an image of a single banana. If you do this, you will be rewarded with a barrel. You need to use the barrel on the right wall to unlock the extra bonus level.

Just to make it extra tough, you cannot throw the barrel at the wall. You need to jump at the wall with the barrel and press right to enter this secret location.


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