10 Video Game Sub-Bosses Who DESTROYED Players



Though sub-bosses aren’t as assertive as... er... dom-bosses, you’d be wise to respect them - some are ruthless, and won’t think twice about crushing you long before you’ve even sniffed that end-of-level baddie.

In fact, due to the nature of them being sub-bosses, we often psychologically trick ourselves into letting our guards down because “surely they wouldn’t make this overblown minion that tough, right?”

We’ve all been there - we think to ourselves, “I’m going to keep all of these healing potions for the level boss, because I don’t want to waste them on some lame sub-boss”, and we slog through one of the hardest fights in the game without healing, then when we reach the actual boss, we smash through it like a claw hammer through my sister’s favourite toy.

Often a great sub-boss is a recurring baddie who dogs you throughout the game, getting more ruthless and powerful with each battle. Other times, they’re the player’s evil equal - a vile doppelgänger who shares your moveset and counters your best abilities. And sometimes, they’re just... well, just loads more interesting than the actual baddie; someone who's likely a one-dimensional moustache-twirler who only gets screentime in the final few minutes.

No, the bosses REALLY worth hating, are the following.


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