10 Video Game Transformations Nobody Saw Coming

9. The Boy Joins The Huddle - Inside

Resident Evil 6

Playdead's Inside is one of the most beautiful and unforgettable video game experiences of the last decade - period.

This subtle yet richly atmospheric puzzle-platformer follows an unnamed boy protagonist as he traverses a dystopian landscape and eventually discovers The Huddle - a large fleshy blob monster seemingly comprised of dozens of human beings.

It's not long before the boy is himself dragged towards the Huddle and helplessly pulled into its form, becoming part of its mass before staging a violent rampage while escaping its laboratory confinement.

Given that the game ends without any salvation for the boy while also suggesting that his transformation is permanent, it's completely terrifying to imagine him being subsumed into a spongy expanse of skin and limbs forever more.


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