10 Video Game Tricks That Will Blow Your Mind

Video game secrets that change EVERYTHING.

Video Game Tricks

In 2021 it's largely agreed that video games are art, but they are also a world of illusion and trickery. Almost like a film set, if players stray too far off one path or even no clip out of the level, they'll see all the moving parts for what they are.

That or end looking into a never-ending abyss.

"He’s behind you" is even apt here, as for the most part video games and their directors will manipulate that player's experience with a slight tweak to the camera or a shift in perspective. As you'll see here, sometimes entire waves of enemies you encounter are not what you think - an entire brutal army of soldiers might as well be toddlers because they can't hit a thing, but what if that's intentional?

Then there are other times developers lead the player into a false sense of security, only to pull the rug from under them with a few lines of code, for the sake of teaching a lesson.

Sometimes we as players just never know what to expect.


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