10 Video Game Trophy Stats You Won't Believe

9. 14% Of Players Never Beat God Of War's Opening Fight

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On the total opposite end of the spectrum now, we have 2018's God of War quasi-reboot.

Though a respectable 47% of players have reached the end of the game and popped the "Last Wish" trophy, what's more shocking is how many players haven't ever made it past the prologue.

God of War opens with a thrilling onboarding section where players are introduced to the game's combat and have an epic punch-up with a stranger later revealed to be the god known as Baldur.

Even accepting that the prologue lasts around 40 minutes, it's simple and riveting enough that you'd expect most everyone to remain glued to the controller throughout.

However, the trophy that pops for completing this encounter, "The Journey Begins," hasn't been unlocked by 13.7% of those who started playing the game - a head-scratchingly high figure for a game that's both so brilliant right out of the gate and has such a high overall completion percentage.

It's of course important to remember that God of War has been available to try for "free" on PlayStation Plus for a long time now, lowering the barrier of entry enough that many with little-to-no interest in the game might've booted it up just to see what it was like, in turn inflating the trophy data.

All the same, given that almost half of all players who've started the game did reach the end credits, it seems unlikely that the PS Plus release is entirely to blame.

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