10 Video Game True Endings That Insulted Players

You got 100% completion for THAT?!


For many, gaming is so much more than a fun pastime. It’s a passion; a way of life. It can even be a career. It makes perfect sense then, that many aren’t content with simply playing through a title in their spare time, watching the end credits and then moving on.

A lot of gamers are completionists by nature. They want to 100% games, nab every item, turn in every sidequest, see every single cutscene and dialogue option. Often, these activities offer nothing in terms of reward, but the feeling of squeezing a title of every possible drop of entertainment is reward enough for such players.

One thing gamers sometimes get for their troubles is an alternate or ‘true’ ending. As the name suggests, these often lend a bit more satisfying closure to proceedings, by revealing something more of the lore or adding a clever sequel hint (in a similar fashion to Marvel movies) for dedicated fans who put in the time to see things through.

Some true endings, sadly, offer little more than disappointment. Whether through a major anti-climax, a silly joke or simply not being worth the effort, these ones are good (bad) examples.


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