10 Video Game Vehicles You’d Be Crazy To Actually Use

Try driving THAT down the motorway...


When real life gets a little too stale, it's comforting to turn to video games. The suspension of reality is often the most fun thing about gaming, as is stepping into role that allows us to achieve fantastical things not possible in the real world.

Some games can be incredibly realistic, but of course some are hilariously daft, and applying real-world logic to these video games never ends well.

This is especially true when it comes to vehicles. Some kids are too young to get behind the wheel of a real car, but can drive a tractor in Farming Simulator like a seasoned pro. Most of us will never get our pilot’s license, but we can jump into a tiny one-man helicopter on our screens with complete confidence.

There is a phrase ‘don’t try this at home, kids’, and these video game vehicles fit that phrase perfectly. From the wholly impractical, to the dubiously immoral, you'd have to be crazy to actually use these digital drives


10. A Cauldron - Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy

Bennett Foddy

Oddly enough, there are usually a few things that race across your mind as you first load up Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy. A PC game released in 2017, the game quickly took the internet by storm thanks to its infinitely entertaining premise of repeatedly causing players to break down in anguish. It’s even earned itself the tag of ‘psychological horror’ on Steam.

However the difficulty is not what first captures you, but the image of the naked torso of Stalin sitting inside a cauldron (which is, of course, filled with an unidentifiable liquid), maneuvering himself around using a sledgehammer.

While the logistics of choosing to climb a mountain using a sledgehammer are rocky at best, if you’ll pardon the pun, we certainly would not recommend combining this with a cauldron as a transportation method. The arm strength required to lift not only one’s self, but also a cauldron full of liquid, is astronomical. A cauldron big enough to house the lower half of a gentleman would weigh roughly 500lbs, and that is before it is filled with liquid.


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