10 Video Game Villain Plot Holes EVERYONE Missed

9. Lazarevic Knows The Tree Of Life Is Corrupt - Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

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Naughty Dog

In Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, the maniacal warlord, Zoran Lazarevic hunts down treasure hunter, Nathan Drake, knowing he can lead him to Shambala, where the Tree of Life resides. Hoping to use the divine plant's power to take over the world, Lazarevic manipulates Nate to take him to Shambala.

However, Lazarevic's ambitions are dashed, when he sees Shambala's guardians have been corrupted after they consume the Tree's sap. Although the guardians have been granted immortality, the mystical ooze has transformed them into deranged creatures, compelled to protect the Tree at all costs.

So, what does Lazarevic do? Even though he knows the tainted sap will eventually turn him into a crazed monster, he still drinks from it!

After bearing witness to the sap's long-lasting effects, Lazarevic should've gotten out of Shambala as quickly as possible. Now, it's highly likely the disgraced soldier would be heading straight to jail once he left, due to all the war crimes he committed to reach the Tree of Life. Even though that's a bummer, it's better than being forced to becoming a mindless slave for all eternity.


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