10 Video Game Villains That Were Totally Right

If being smart was a crime, they'd be guilty as charged... or just more guilty!


Seeing as video games put you in the shoes of their protagonists, you’d think they would be the ones we sympathize with the most. And yet, although this rule checks out in most cases, there are also plenty of examples of characters who make way more sense in their ways of thinking than the main character. Oddly enough, they usually happen to be the game’s villains, of all things!

Yes, sometimes it is the villains that speak the truest truths. They may be diabolical, sadistic, and possibly clinically insane, but for some reason, their “evil” plights and schemes are more reasonable than whatever your side of the conflict has to offer. You might even go so far as to say they’re completely right.

Whether it’s a deliberate choice of the story writers or a purely accidental consequence of a well-written character juxtaposed with a weak lead, the follow-up villains ended up making more sense than their adversaries. Their cleverness, charisma, and general sensibility make them wish you were able to help their cause, even though the game wants you to treat them like monsters.

10. Logan - Fable 3


At first glance Logan, the king and primary antagonist of Fable 3, is written like your stereotypical villain. He is a power-obsessed tyrant who has little regard for human life and will do anything to remain on the throne.

However, as you delve deeper into his story and mindset, you begin to understand that his actions are not only justifiable—they might actually make him a better-suited ruler than your own pretender character.

Although Logan is undeniably cruel, his actions aren’t dictated by some perverse desire to cause harm but rather by a deep obligation towards his kingdom. Everything he does, he does for the sake of the realm. He wants to protect it from the looming threat of the Crawler’s dark armies and understands that sacrifices have to be made if he is to succeed.

The evil actions he commits are why Albion experiences an industrial revolution and why it manages to rapidly expand its army. Even when your character eventually replaces Logan and saves the day, they do so with the resources Logan’s sacrifices managed to procure.

It’s a bitter truth, but Logan’s villainy is the only reason you were able to become Albion’s hero.


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