10 Video Game Villains We WANTED To Win

From lovable rogues to misunderstood not-so-bad guys.

Metal gear solid 2 solidus

The world of video games is jam packed with incredible villains whose animated personalities and terrifying powers have helped create so many unforgettable gaming moments over the decades.

At the best of times, a villain can be more interesting than the hero, and as such their presence can significantly elevate a game's staying power with fans. But some games dare to take this even further by having players flat-out sympathise with the "baddie."

These 10 games all dared to present antagonists with more relatable, if not entirely morally ambiguous, motivations, such that we could at least see where they were coming from, and perhaps even wish that the game would straight-up let us team up with them.

In a few of these games players were thankfully afforded the opportunity to spare the villains or at least grant them a dignified death, but for the most part we enjoyed their personalities and identified with their actions enough to actually want them to triumph over even the "hero" themselves...


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