10 Video Game Villains You Completely Humiliated

For when simple defeat isn't enough.


Humiliation is quite a common, if unpleasant emotion in this day and age.

Getting called out for the simple crimes of liking the 2005 Doom movie, or getting the pronunciation of Darkseid wrong (hey, we've all called him Darkseed) will likely illicit a wave of people pointing and laughing - and when it comes to video games, no developer, publisher or character is safe from a good roasting.

Time and again, video game villains will attempt to make you the laughing stock of the digital realm, because what else have they got to do other than dick on you in their spare time? Get a hobby, dude.

Killing your friends, pushing you off cliffs and taunting you to your wits end is enough reason to seek vengeance, but the games on this list offer something more.

They let you go beyond revenge. They let you HUMILIATE your enemies - oh yes they do - to finally get one over on those bastards that have sent you packing red-faced and shamed too many times to count.

These are the games that let you get sweet, sweet revenge. Two wrongs might not make a right, but sometimes it can feel pretty damn good.

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