10 Video Game Villains You Completely Humiliated

9. Muggshot - Sly Raccoon

Sucker Punch

If there's a bunch of video game villains that absolutely get what's coming to them, it's definitely the Fiendish Five. Considering they're a bunch of anthropomorphic cartoon animals in a kid-friendly game, they really push the whole 'dark past' thing to its limits, murdering Sly Cooper's entire family and divvying up his heirlooms to build a crime cartel off the back of. Bit much, really.

Whilst all of them have their own particular take downs thanks to sassy Sly and his thieving trio having precisely enough of their bullsh*t as they reclaim Sly's lost heritage, the second villain of the game, Muggshot, falls particularly hard when you smack him into the next dimension with your cane. And boy, is it satisfying.

A roid-headed bulldog that gets off on being massive, Muggshot's whole schtick is calling you puny whilst he hops around on his giant biceps. In his final boss battle though, you outsmart him by flipping mirrors in his face that heat up his pistols three times in a row - with Muggshot effectively own-goaling himself in the process.

The smarmy joy of being a tiny little raccoon that undermines Muggshot and his whole gangster operation is second to none, and all the better for proving his stupid ass... well... particularly stupid.

Carmalita Fox, take him away!

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