10 Video Game Villains You Hated Killing

Wheatley deserved better.

walking dead the stranger

In gaming, there are often many incentives to kill the bad guy. By doing so, you can unlock new powers, receive experience points, pick up new weapons, or, at the very least, access new areas.

But there's another factor that often drives the player to pounding enemies into the dirt: Blind hatred. After your nemesis has tortured your loved ones, kidnapped your child, or slaughtered your family, you are compelled to complete every task, wipe out every minion, and beat every level to destroy the person who caused you so much misery.

But every once in a while, you'll encounter a foe that you don't want to kill. When you realise how logical the antagonist's motivation is or see a more human side to them, you might lose all impetus to put them in the ground.

But because players often learn their enemy isn't evil incarnate very late in the game, too many factors are in motion for you to spare them. As a result, you are force to kill them, even if every fibre in your being is telling you not to.

10. The Beauty And The Beast Unit - Metal Gear Solid IV: Guns Of The Patriots

walking dead the stranger

Hideo Kojima's fourth outing of his most iconic gaming franchise has Solid Snake tasked with taking down Liquid Ocelot. During his mission, our one-eyed hero will face a hit squad called The Beauty and the Beast Unit. Because this group consists of four buxom ladies, you assume they were only inserted into the plot to serve as one-dimensional femme fatales.

But after destroying their nano-powered armour, the B & B members reveal how they've suffered from the atrocities of war, leaving them with PTSD. Instead of receiving psychiatric help, Liquid Ocelot preyed on the women's trauma to turn them into his own Snake-hunting team.

The all-female quartet only agreed to Ocelot's terms because they were under the impression that eliminating Snake would relieve their pain.

So, these ladies aren't evil nor do they have any personal problem with Snake. They are mentally fragile, and were manipulated to become your enemy.

What's worse is that none of them can survive after their cybernetic suit is disconnected from their body. So, after each of them has their armour removed, all they can do is beg, cry, and apologise before perishing.


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