10 Video Game Weapons With INSANE Requirements

Worth it. Just.

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One of the great unifying mechanics of all video game-dom is the Really Special Weapon (or, RSW). Shooters, platformers, RPGs, MMOs - there's always some version of the epic, legendary weapon everybody wants... but few will possess.

Seeing that other player with the awesome gun or that mythic blade sealed behind a door you can't figure out how to open turns even the best of us into Gollum trying anything and everything to get his hands on the One Ring.

And, like Gollum, the road to finally getting our hands on our Precious can be maddening. Sometimes the process is just a ridiculously difficult challenge; sometimes it's a bizarre and frustrating process so obtuse that you legitimately have to question the lifestyle of the person who figured it out.

Are you a genius or do you just spend all day, every day, testing every wall or every item and waiting for something weird to happen?

I suppose it doesn't matter though, because you'll soon join in madness them trying to obtain these 10 video game weapons with insane requirements.

10. Unmaykr - Doom Eternal

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The Unmaykr made its debut in Doom 64 as a more slender, rapid-fire alternative to the series' iconic ultimate weapon: the BFG. It was then promptly forgotten about, disappearing from the series entirely until its recent comeback in Doom Eternal.

Upon arriving to the game's main hub - the Doom Fortress - you'll likely see this angelic-looking gun floating in a locked chamber. And there it remains, taunting you - potentially for the entire remainder of the game, assuming you can't unlock it.

And if you can't - who can blame you? To liberate this shiny beast, you'll need to beat all six Slayer Gates - optional combat arenas that drop you into the most difficult and intense combat scenarios in the entire game. And not only are they brutally difficult, but they also do not replenish your health or armor upon completion, meaning that whatever ammo and health you use are gone for good, making the remainder of the regular level even harder.

On harder difficulties, this is an almost impossible task for all but the most skilled players.

Is it worth it? Well, you still get the BFG regardless, which is hardly the worst consolation prize in video game history.

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