10 Video Game Weapons You Cheated To Get

8. Flamethrower - Halo 2

Squall Lion Heart

The Bungie era of Halo and the flamethrower have a long and complex history. It actually goes way back into the franchise’s development, even appearing in Halo: Combat Evolved’s 1999 E3 trailer.

However, the gun was cut from the Xbox release of the game. That said, the flame-spewing M7057 did make its way into the series by the time of the PC version and became this kind of illusive thing that PC players had over the console faithful. Nevermind, Halo 2 is on the way and surely this time, right? Not so much as, despite it being planned, it was yet again removed from the final game.

In fact, everyone could commiserate together as this time it didn’t return for the PC players either.

Although, this wouldn’t stop fans from doing their best to correct this. Mods are, among many other things, a logical conclusion for cheat codes. When fans came across a copy of the Halo 2 Beta on disc which contained the unfinished weapon, they found a way to port it into the actual version of Halo 2.

More than this in fact, this beta revealed the Disintegrator - essentially a plasma-fuelled alien equivalent to the flamethrower. As such, fans were also able to put this back into the game. Two flame-belching armaments for the price of one!


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