10 Video Game Weapons You Cheated To Get

9. Gold PP7 - 007 GoldenEye

Squall Lion Heart

GoldenEye, it’s fair to say, is just more fun with cheats and the game has given players dozens of hours of entertainment with the likes of DK mode and paintball mode. Amongst them of course is the weapon cheat which grants players access to the game’s full armoury - including those that don’t otherwise show-up elsewhere in the title.

The Gold PP7, of course, is quite similar to The Golden Gun except it’s only ever available via cheats. Unlike the Golden Gun’s single round chamber, the Gold PP7 can fire a full round of bullets before it needs reloading. It’s one of the most powerful weapons in the game and, more than that, looks flashy as hell. And, when it comes to split screen multiplayer, beating your opponent isn’t enough - you want to look good doing it.

Furthermore, the Gold PP7s insta-kill bullets can be taken into the campaign and, if timed correctly, can even kill bosses in a single hit making the entire game a brilliant, hilarious cakewalk.

The cheat options in GoldenEye are baked into the game, unlocking one by one upon overcoming some challenging speedrun attempts in the campaign. Or, like most people, you can just put in a string of button inputs and skip your way merrily into gold-plated destruction.


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