10 Video Game Weapons You Cheated To Get

7. Sicilian Slicer - Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night

Squall Lion Heart
505 Games

The original Legend of Zelda is home to a classic video game secret. When prompted to name their hero at the start of the game, if the player enters “ZELDA” rather than Link, their own name or a preferred curse word then the title will unlock the second quest mode early. This means you can jump right into a more challenging version of the game from the off.

A few titles have done their own spin on this and Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night has a bevy of names the player can try out, most of which are based on YouTubers and online personalities. These were designed as a way to promote the title, with each channel showing off a unique piece of equipment for the game, which rolled out to all players on release.

The best of the bunch - purely for giggles - is the Sicilian Slicer, created by and for StephenPlays. Forget daggers, swords, axes and whips - this allows you to fight demons off with a large, rigid slice of pizza.

It’s definitely a sight to behold, and the novelty - not to mention a description that is oozing like melted cheese with puns - makes it worth having even if it’s not all that good.


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