10 Video Game Weapons You Will Never, Ever Forget

A list of the ten most awesome video game weapons that one will simply never, ever forget.

The world of gaming has given us many fantastic games over the decades, but more importantly has bestowed onto us some of the most awesome weapons ever created. From kick-ass guns to elegant swords, or maybe some crazy grenades, we've never quite enjoyed gaming as much as we do with a nice arsenal of weapons. You may not think it, but certain weapons can almost define a game. Think of the world of Zelda and how many mind-blowing items Link has acquired through the years; too many to mention, but certainly those items give the Zelda franchise another depth. The same is true of the Halos, Half-Lifes, Far Crys, etc. What's realistically better than being mid-game, facing a score of enemies and realizing 'Sweet, I've got some badass guns!'? Not too much. Whether you enjoy shooting enemies up, picking them off slowly, up close and personal cutting them or just defying physics, weapons can be found in all of our gaming hearts. This list is ten weapons that, providing you've played with them (and you should have!), will never be forgotten. They're in no particular order of preference, but all of them guarantee a pretty awesome experience, one you won't forget in a hurry. Enjoy...
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