10 Video Games That Would Be Awesome In First Person

Who wouldn't want to slice down Ganon with the Master Sword in glorious first-person?

It's become an interesting trend in gaming over the past several years to take a franchise that is traditionally played from one perspective and shift it into an entirely new one. Perhaps the biggest success story to come out of this was Retro Studios' Metroid trilogy, which took the series out of its 2D roots into 3D first person bliss. It was a risky effort, even inviting some inevitable backlash from fans, but the Prime trilogy ascended that to become critically acclaimed. Changing the perspective of a game series can do a number of things, especially if it's a franchise like Metroid or Metal Gear. It could potentially open up the world of the series into something much bigger, allowing players to see characters in ways they never thought they would. Just consider how different your experience with Tomb Raider would have been had you been scaling mountains in first person, seeing all of what Lara saw first-hand. As we see more and more developers willing to take risks, even with brand name franchises, it doesn't seem so outrageous anymore to think about something like Zelda getting a new perspective. It's unlikely, but it's always exciting to think about new ways to look at your favourite games. After all, who wouldn't want to slice down Ganon with the Master Sword in glorious first-person? So click on that next button, and we'll take a look at 10 video games that could make the transition into first person.

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