10 Video Games Better Than The Movie They're Based On

When console eclipses cinema.

friday 13th video game
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There's a rather troubled dynamic between movies and video games. There were times where every big budget movie in the wings enjoyed a game tie-in.

They provided fans of the film a little extra fun and more cash in the pocket for both the developers and film studios involved. Video game adaptations of films have been painfully hit and miss over the years. Film adaptations of video games have been nothing short of catastrophic.

Regardless, there is the occasional diamond in the rough where not only did the game live up to its source material, it surpassed it.

Gaming, when done right, can provide a more immersive, addictive experience than cinema can. There's a certain level of freedom and interaction that no other entertainment medium can provide.

For the ones that have worked, fans got to dive head on into the universes of the films they loved. Alternatively, the film itself might've been a big time disappointment with the game essentially becoming an effective apology for disgruntled viewers.

Either way, these developers outdid themselves with the kind of top quality entertainment all creators and artists should strive for.

10. X-Men Origins: Wolverine (PS3, Xbox 360, Wii)

friday 13th video game

The Uncaged Edition of Wolverine wound up doing far more justice to Marvel's metal-boned mutant than the movie did. With bloody, limb severing savagery throughout, Wolvie's berserker antics are liberated thanks to the 18 rating. While the game play becomes slightly repetitive at times, most of it whizzes by at a breakneck pace in stark contrast to the clumsy, inconsistent tone of the movie.

Its hack and slash style is reminiscent of the God of War franchise, something that fits Mr Howlett perfectly. Hugh Jackman provides a rock solid voice performance for the character and some of the boss fights (namely that insane Sentinel thing) are thrilling to play through.

For diehard fans of the cigar chomping Canadian, there's plentiful easter eggs, references and unlockables from the character's long and storied history in the comics.

The only gargantuan problem with this one is the faithfulness to the movie. The awful character designs are on full display throughout with the Blob looking especially off-putting and that mouthless Deadpool thing being just plain unforgivable. The storyline ultimately goes off for the same reason making it a shame that similar games weren't made of the considerably better Wolverine solo films that followed.


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