10 Video Games Cancelled For The WORST Reasons

The Dark Knight game would've been INCREDIBLE.

batman The dark knight game
Warner Bros.

Scalebound's not on the list. Seriously, I didn't include it here. I know you expected it, and started to write a bit out, but then I cancelled it because you expected it.

That's a terrible reason to cancel something, isn't it? Well, thankfully I'm only in charge of humorous list articles and not a multi-billion pound-valued videogame publisher, eh?

Sometimes there are quite good reasons to cancel a videogame - for example, if you're making a game about making smoothies out of kittens, and there's suddenly a global ban on kitten-based blended drinks, you probably don't want to release that game.

What do you mean, that's already banned?

... s... since when?

Anyway, whether it's for avoiding a financial nightmare or dodging a culturally or politically insensitive message, you have plenty of valid reasons not to release/cancel a game. But, sometimes the situation would have been easily remedied with a few tweaks here and there, or maybe cancellation just seemed like the nuclear option.

The following entries feature games just like that - cancelled for unnecessary, exaggerated, unkind, or... just, the worst of reasons.

10. Star Wars 1313 (LucasArts)

batman The dark knight game

I never got the love for Boba Fett, honestly. He's famous for nodding to Darth Vader, cuddling his dad's severed head and getting murdered by a blind guy, by accident. Hardly the tenure of a cool dude.

But that's not to say I didn't see the potential of a grittier, more mature-focused Star Wars adventure with Fett at the helm, and Star Wars 1313 was eager to see how that might play out.

With the anchor of the story focused on his interactions with all the scum and villainy of the vast underworld of 1313, a seedy district of the planet Coruscant, all we know is that you'd have used "Boba Fett's extensive arsenal of weaponry to bring in bounties, dead or alive". Judging by how close they all seem to stand to explosive barrels, I'm going to assume dead in this case.

Yet, it was being developed at a critical phase of Disney's acquisition of LucasArts, wherein Star Wars would follow a strict and itemised product list. And much like me and the Game Developer Ones To Watch Awards, Star Wars 1313 simply wasn't on the list.

Since then, of course, Disney have released The Mandalorian, Book of Boba Fett and more, so anyone itching for Boba Fett content aren't going hungry, but that's not the point - sometimes you just want to see a company take a gamble, and bet on lucky number thirteen. Th...thirteen.


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