10 Video Games Fans And Critics Can Never Agree On

Looking at the Marmite of video games.

Deadly Premonition 2
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Whether you consider yourself a casual player, a die-hard gamer, or a critic, it should be obvious whether a game qualifies as good or bad. If you're playing a beat-em-up or first-person shooter with janky animations, inaccurate lip-synching, and glitches galore, you can tell within a few seconds that the game is not up to standard.

Because game-crashing bugs, crappy controls, and shoddy graphics are so blatant, the ratings for games, whether its by a professional critic or a regular player, is usually the same. That's why the Super Mario games are universally regarded as top-tier platformers while anyone who has played Superman 64 for a quarter of a second can tell it's irredeemable trash.

But that isn't always the case. There are a couple of titles that were average at best and yet, critics swore they were the next big thing. On the other hand, some video game reviews that were so scathing, players were astonished to see the games were nowhere near as bad as they were told.

So, what video games have divided the critics and fans the most?

10. Gone Home

Deadly Premonition 2
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In Gone Home, you take control of a woman called Katie who has returned home to learn her parents and sister are missing. Navigating around the house, Katie searches for clues, hoping to learn what happened to her family.

Despite the simple premise, the game stood out for focusing on exploration rather than interactivity, which many critics believed made the story more engrossing. Critics were so won over, it wasn't long before Gone Home started being used as proof that video games can be classified as art. It received excellent scores from every gaming publisher and it even won a BAFTA. (I didn't even know video games could do that.)

Sadly, Gone Home is one of those games where players hated the exact elements that critics loved. Many gamers felt the lack of of interactivity made Gone Home feel more like a walking simulator than a game. Although many people found the subtle horror kept players on their toes, some found the lack of outright scares boring.

Because supporters feel like Gone Home is a work of art above all else while naysayers think it's trash, the only thing everyone seems to agree on is it doesn't feel like a video game.

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