10 Video Games Only The Most Skilled Players Can Handle

Unless you're going to put the time in, just give up.

Bohemia Interactive

Go back 30-odd years and analyse the gaming landscape. You'll find home consoles trying to find their place amongst a consumer base unsure of whether a "night's entertainment" could be anything other than TV and film, arcades chock-full of experiences that bring social circles together, and a general sentiment that video games took practice, effort and dedication to play, understand and appreciate.

This mentality is still felt today, but the industry itself has demonstrably changed.

Where once we had coin slots there are microtransactions, and where difficulty spikes forced trial and error to progress, we have tutorials, hand-holding difficulty creatives who actually want you to see their games through.

All these contrasting, warping approaches to interactive entertainment have produced some of the most rewarding experiences in the history of entertainment. Balancing intuitive controls with set-piece action or unique mechanics with explorable worlds, the majority of games are absolutely for everyone, but those that polish themselves to a mirror sheen tend to attract the most diehard players on the planet.

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