10 Video Games With The Most Outstanding Graphics Of 2013

The year may be over, but the vast majority of games here still look better than some of those we're waiting for.

As time moves on, technologies improve and games become more and more aesthetically and graphically pleasing. 2013 saw some of the most visually-enticing games pop up and take us by surprise with their new engines, scrumptious optical flares and awe-inspiring environments for the player to explore and enjoy. We've seen quite a few ground-breaking graphical games in our time with the likes of Crysis, Forza Motorsport and The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim (modded) and these definitely deserve a mention, although they haven't been mentioned in this list. Crysis 2 definitely wowed the industry at first and Crysis 3 did slightly improve on that but I feel that it's in a league of its own right now and doesn't really fit into the list. The same applies for Forza 5 as the graphics are fairly specific to the cars themselves. The final mention goes to The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim when it's being heavily modded as it results in some truly beautiful graphics on show. From sequels to remakes to new faces, these games really have excelled in proving to us that graphics are just getting better and better by the year. Join us in this top list of some of 2013€s most attractive games.

10. Sleeping Dogs

Although some of the character animations leave a lot to be desired, Sleeping Dogs has epitomised what lighting and reflections should universally be like in every game out there. The lighting has got to be this game's forte with dynamic changes depending on the weather and outstandingly high-detailed reflection maps on certain surfaces like cars or wet streets. Every aspect of this game's lighting engine is desirable which leads us to wondering why most games choose not to bother with such graphical beauty.
In fact, the open-world graphics are so extensively detailed and lifelike, one could easily spend hours upon hours just driving around the city admiring and appreciating the little corner shops, street life and small alleyways. The greatest graphical moments in this open-world blockbuster have got to be the nighttime missions. You have the extraordinary pleasure of experiencing a vibrant and active environment combined with an incredibly 'wet'-looking yet realistically lit set to unleash your inner samurai in.

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