10 Video Games Ruined By One Dumb Decision

Mass Effect 3's ending undermined the entire trilogy.

Deus Ex Human Revolution Barrett

Creating and releasing a game is the result of thousands - if not tens of thousands - of creative and business decisions made across countless departments and disciplines over many years.

But sometimes, all it takes is one shambolically bad idea to ruin all that hard work, and to forever sour the experience for players who had been waiting literally years to get their hands on it.

That's very much the case with these 10 games, all of which shipped amid a tidal wave of hype, only for the end result to underwhelm, disappoint and even infuriate paying customers for one reason above all others.

Perhaps a publisher's skeevy business practises encroached upon the developer's vision and compromised the end product, or maybe the developers themselves goofed with a poorly-programmed sequence which simply left players irritated and upset.

Whatever the reason, whether artistic or commercial, these poorly thought-out, greedy and straight-up asinine calls all permanently damaged the fan reception to these games, and even years later, it's still the first thing most players think about when they're mentioned...


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