10 Video Games Ruined By Terrible Voice Acting

Far Cry 3 It doesn't matter if your game has an awesome story, breath-taking graphics or heart-pounding gameplay - if your voice actors and actresses can't meet the required standards, players will be unable to fully submerge themselves within the game. Although some games do remain fun and entertaining regardless of the voice acting's quality, it can be hard to take moments seriously when the voices used are laughable - or even annoying. This list focuses upon games that are mostly from popular or well-known franchises but are let down by their voice acting quality. A game may still have been received well but disappointment surrounding voice acting can often be found in the players' reviews. Whilst you may not believe that it 'ruins' the game, it certainly detracts from the overall experience.

10. Two Worlds

Two Worlds Two Worlds was not an entirely flawless game by any means, though fans of the fantasy RPG genre received it relatively well nonetheless, finding it to be an overall enjoyable experience. There are however, a number of reasons as to why - for many - Two Worlds remained to be considered a mediocre game. One of the most common reasons was indeed the voice acting and the often drawn-out cut scenes that subjected the player to said 'acting'. Voices in the game are typically lacking in emotion and are spoken very slowly, testing the player's patience whilst they sit through seemingly endless - and sometimes poorly used - 'old' English. Sloppy voices can make a game seem cheap and unprofessional, therefore lowering general opinions of it and subsequently harming its ratings.

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