10 Video Games Star Wars Fans Need To Play

The Force is strong with these ones...


Anything with a lore as almost infinitely deep as Star Wars offers a great deal of creative freedom, and even though the extended universe/Legends canon has now become defunct (since Disney acquired the rights), there are many video games that delve into the corners and crevices of the fictional galaxy, showcasing a multitude of colourful, rich and interesting characters.

While TV shows like Rebels and Clone Wars have sought to mine the ores of the unexplored caverns of the universe, video games allow people to personally explore characters' stories by utilising the medium to bridge the gap from mere passive entertainment to involved, emotional narratives.

By allowing fans and audiences to live their stories rather than just observe, video games are able to convey their narratives in a more impactful fashion, giving players a higher level of appreciation and satisfaction.

In short, it means the power of Star Wars as an entertainment property is oftentimes done best, when its most memorable moments are made playable.

10. Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds


An RTS from Age of Empires creator Ensemble Studios, Galactic Battlegrounds sees you take control of various factions in the Star Wars universe to lead your tactical army to dominate the galaxy.

The game packs in a lot of content, featuring six campaigns from all different eras of the Star Wars timeline. You play as Attichitcuk (Chewbacca's dad), the trade federation droid commander OOM-9, and Jedi Master Echuu as you fight for and against various armies across the galaxy. Each faction also comes with passive bonuses like cheaper unit prices and greater resource yields.

The game functions like most other RTS titles in that it utilises a tiered level of systems where the player has to acquire resources to build items/vehicles/units and advance their technology level to unlock more powerful iterations of their soliders and equipment. Factions also have their own selection of unique units like the Empire's Dark Troopers and the Rebel Alliance's A-Wing.

While the game comes at the Star Wars conflicts from a unique perspective, it does suffer from some issues and flaws. Animations were prone to be inaccurate and some canonical missteps were made that, while a bit of a nitpick, matter a great deal to the true Star Wars fan.

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