10 Video Games That Are More Fun To Watch Than Play

Mostly, games are meant to be played. Mostly.

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Given that many of us grew up with the belief that having to watch someone else play a game was the worst possible consequence of that whole sharing concept, it's sometimes hard to believe that an entire multi-billion dollar industry has developed around watching games being played.

As strange as the entire idea may be though, each passing year makes it harder to deny that the concept is here to stay. From Let's Play videos to live streams, the amount of video game related content available online right now is simply staggering. Whether you consider yourself a fan of this style of entertainment or not, it's almost impossible not to have watched someone else play a video game at some point.

Start to watch enough of these videos though, and you'll find that there are actually games out there that are more enjoyable passively than they are hands-on.

Whether the joy of viewing comes from the design of the game itself or simply because the people playing them are far better at them than you could ever be, these are the games that somehow manage to be even more fun to watch than they are to play.

10. League Of Legends

until dawn video game
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Considering how difficult it is to learn League of Legends when you first start playing, viewing others play the game is considered something of an unofficial tutorial. It’s a fantastic way to learn the most complicated aspects of the experience.

Start watching, however, and you may soon find that you’re unable to stop. League of Legends often results in some of the most entertaining team-based multiplayer games ever witnessed. There are a million things happening at once during your average match-up, and the game’s best contests usually come down to the kind of dramatic moments that sport’s announcers love to insist “couldn’t be scripted better.”

It’s easy to see why this is gaming’s fastest growing e-sport.

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