10 Video Games That Are So Bad They’re Actually Awesome

9. EnviroBear 2000

It's clear that the developers of this joyfully shambolic game were aware of the mockery it was going to get, as indicated by the fact that they knowingly gave it the '2000' suffix even though it was released in 2009.

EnviroBear looks like something you'd play on a school computer in the 90s, and features intentionally obtuse controls that, to be fair, probably come close to resembling the chaos that would ensue if you actually put a bear behind the wheel of a car.

The game is bear-ly (HA!) playable, as you essentially just control a single paw to steer the car, accelerate, brake, reverse and swipe away at the bees, badgers, and fish that fly in through the window.

Sure, it's ugly and awkward, but it fully embraces its own awfulness, and is utterly endearing for it. You'll be unable to resist smiling as oafishly drive around to the sound of that single catchy song, crash into trees and try in vain to clear out the fish-bones, pine cones and other detritus from your car.


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